Monday, November 14, 2005

Music Listens to Me

So in my last post I was bitching about the lack of good shows in Richmond. Tomorrow my comfort comes in with the release of three great live albums:

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Summer in the Southeast
Bright Eyes: Motion Sickness
Wilco: Kicking Television-Live in Chicago

Although I have dozens of Wilco shows, Kicking Television is still a must-have. I may pick up the new Bright Eyes and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy if they're cheap.

Currently I'm finishing up listening to Guided By Voices' Box which I found at Plan 9 this week for $25. My first GBV box set, I'm so proud! It fits in nicely since I'm hooked on the new GBV book at the moment.

I also finally broke down and picked up the new Fiery Furnaces. Still haven't listened to it.

I also noticed that Plan 9 has a little section of Jandek albums. I bought one and embarked in my most difficult CD collection to date (dude's got over 40 albums out, four so far this year). I first heard about Jandek years ago and was just fascinated. I highly suggest you read about him on this site for your introduction.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Good Rock Show, Close But No

I was sitting here bummed tonight because I saw that Spoon is playing with American Music Club back at the Blue Note on Thursday. These are two of my favorite bands. I've been an AMC fan since high school. I saw Spoon at the Note last year, but I've never seen AMC. Well I never had a chance. Now I'm going to miss a freaking awesome show.

To try to cheer myself up, I decided to peruse Pollstar for upcoming shows here in town. Richmond never gets shows that excite me. We get the big stuff, but not the small stuff. Elton John is playing tomorrow (which ought to be a traffic nightmare since it's election day and both party headquarters and the Elton John show are all a few blocks apart downtown). The only two shows I've noticed in town that I would've gone to were Wolf Eyes and Hank Williams, III. I didn't go to either.

I was really bumming until I noticed Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.) is playing solo on Saturday. Freaking sweet! I was just listening to him today! Then I noticed where it was. I'd never heard of it. Pollstar has is listed as "3170 Montrose Ave." Secretly Canadian has it listed as "The Aigner Lee House." I was joking that it's probably just some dude's house.

It is just some dude's house. Songs: Ohia's site has it listed as a private show.

It's not too bad I'm missing it because I saw Molina last spring at Mojo's. In fact I pissed with him in the bathroom. Maybe I'll just show up and be like, "Remember me? Can I come in?" I need to make friends with this Aigner Lee dude fast!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Small, Strange World

Okay so shortly after I moved here a couple of months ago I finished reading 3 Nights in August. Since, I haven't been reading much. I've picked up some old Hunter S. Thompson I bought years ago but never bothered to read. None of them really interested me too much so I just stopped reading until I could find something worthy. Then I found this. It took a few weeks to deliver because it was lost in the mail, but it finally came in today.

As soon as I got it I started thinking about my next purchase, because I have to. The last couple of weeks, I've just been picking up some old used stuff (collection filler). I'll start buying up some newer stuff I haven't gotten around to yet. I compiled this list:
Fiery Furnaces-Rehearsing My Choir
Sigur Ros-Takk...
Smog-A River Ain't Too Much to Love

That was all I could think of that I planned on getting, but hadn't yet. I always complain that I haven't bought the new Smog yet. I was going to pick it up at Plan 9 because it was always on sale. However, when the new Silver Jews came out they jacked the Smog up to $16. I guess they could only have one Drag City release on sale at a time, or something.

I went on Amazon tonight to see if anybody was selling a cheap used copy. Sure enough, there was one that was right about what I wanted to spend. Normally I just click and buy without looking at the seller. This time, something caught my eye. The moniker of this seller happened to be "Mister Wajda." Hmmm. How odd. I know a Wajda that would happen to have the new Smog.

I'm not an outright stalker. I'm just an accidental stalker.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

'Tis the Life For Me

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. For the most part I just haven't had much to say. I can tell you about the sweet new jeans I bought, but well who gives a fuck?

I haven't been buying to much music lately, so that I can't discuss.

For the most part, my life has been overrun by pirates. Seriously, pirates. As in Sid Meier's Pirates. Okay, a video game about pirates sounds lame, but it's awesome. It was one of my favorite games as a child on the NES, and last year it was updated for the PC. I picked it up finally last week and have been completely hooked. Plus it features the greatest easter egg ever. For the most part, the characters speak in some kind of gibberish while text shows you what they are saying. However, if you set your computer's clock to September 19th (International Talk Like a Pirate Day) then the characters will speak with a pirate flare. It only lasts for that one day too. Sweet! Okay, now after a week straight of plundering and whatnot, I'm starting to get a little bored with my life at sea. I guess it's back to reality.