Monday, November 14, 2005

Music Listens to Me

So in my last post I was bitching about the lack of good shows in Richmond. Tomorrow my comfort comes in with the release of three great live albums:

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Summer in the Southeast
Bright Eyes: Motion Sickness
Wilco: Kicking Television-Live in Chicago

Although I have dozens of Wilco shows, Kicking Television is still a must-have. I may pick up the new Bright Eyes and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy if they're cheap.

Currently I'm finishing up listening to Guided By Voices' Box which I found at Plan 9 this week for $25. My first GBV box set, I'm so proud! It fits in nicely since I'm hooked on the new GBV book at the moment.

I also finally broke down and picked up the new Fiery Furnaces. Still haven't listened to it.

I also noticed that Plan 9 has a little section of Jandek albums. I bought one and embarked in my most difficult CD collection to date (dude's got over 40 albums out, four so far this year). I first heard about Jandek years ago and was just fascinated. I highly suggest you read about him on this site for your introduction.