Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sky Blue Sky

Okay here it is. I'm finally getting around to talking about the new Wilco album, Sky Blue Sky. I've listened to it many times this week and think I can finally come up with an ideal review.

Okay first of all, if you have been reading any other reviews you have likely noticed a rather surprised reaction. It's definitely true that this album is not very typical for a Wilco album. However, there has never really been a typical Wilco album. (You know what I mean.) Every single one of their albums sound very different. I don't really care about negative reviews, but it does bother me when reviewers expect a band to become formulaic. This is very evident with Pitchfork's confused review. Wilco has never been very formulaic, but that's what fun about the band.

I will admit, I may not like this album as much as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or A Ghost is Born or even Being There, however there is something so pleasant and comforting about this album. Wilco's last two albums were extremely complex. At first listen Sky Blue Sky seems like a very simple listen. However, the more you listen to it, the more you will notice the subtle complexities that made Being There so remarkable. The complexity isn't as in-your-face as their last two albums.

The sound is so rustic here. I read the review in Entertainment Weekly that really cracked me up at first. It mentions Tweedy's voice as Don Henley-esque. As I listen to the album more, I can definitely hear what they mean. However, when they say it's the best album the Eagles never released, well that's just not true. It's hard to compare this album to anything but Wilco.

This album isn't a step backwards for them, and it's not a huge step forward either. It is just what it is. It's just a Wilco album. Enjoy it for what it is.

Plus it's got probably the most beautiful album cover I've ever seen:

So there you go.

Monday, May 14, 2007

SuSh 05.14.07 (Because I Can)

It's early. I should just now be getting up. It's the start of my weekend. I've been up since 7:30. See, we had a meeting at work this morning. One of those "You're-doing-a-great-job-and-the-morning-shows'-audiences-are-always-growing-even-though-our's-aren't-but-keep-up-the-good-work" meetings. It literally lasted ten minutes. I dragged my ass out of bed early on my weekend and had to drive through morning rush-hour traffic just for a ten minute meeting.

I was planning on coming home and taking a nap. However, even though I was out drinking until 2am, I'm wide awake. Now I have nothing to do.

I only have one plan today.... go see 28 Weeks Later (zombie movies.... my fav). But that's not for another four hours. The last couple of weekends I've had trades of Y: The Last Man to read on. But I finished those last week. I don't know what to do.

Oh wait, here's something.....

Current track count: 8851
1. They Might Be Giants - "Counterfeit Fake" (Then: The Earlier Years)
2. Big Star - "You Can't Have Me" (Third/Sister Lovers)
3. Sorry About Dresden - "A Losing Season" (The Convenience of Indecision)
4. Neil Young - "Downtown" (Mirrorball)
(Sweet. One of my favorite Neil songs.)
5. Mountain Goats - "Song for John Davis" (Ghana)
6. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Five Easy Pieces" (Some Loud Thunder)
7. Belle & Sebastian - "Mayfly" (If You're Feeling Sinister)
(One of my least favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. Hm.)
8. R.E.M. - "Disappear" (Reveal)
9. Steve Earle - "Hurtin' Me, Hurtin' You" (I Feel Alright)
10. Superchunk - "Blending In" (Cup of Sand)
(Sweet. Finish this sucker up with a Government Issue cover. Fuck yeah, hardcore.)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Been so ridiculously broke the last couple of weeks. It's my own stupidity that did me in too. I was ahead of myself on paychecks. Blew a bunch of money thinking the next day was payday. Well it wasn't and I haven't made up for it yet. Tuesday is payday and I have a buttload of overtime due to me, so I will be fine.

As much as the last couple of weeks have sucked, at least I've had Feist's The Reminder to keep me company.

Damn it is good too. Her last album, Let It Die, was fantastic so I was very excited about this one. It did not disappoint me at all. This is the type of album that will make Feist a star. She was a little indie darling before, but now she should be a superstar.

The Feist-mania doesn't end for me soon. I got my ticket to see her in DC on June 13th.

Well thanks to Ms. Feist for keeping my chin up the last couple of weeks. This Tuesday she will be taking a backseat, however. It's payday..... and it's new Wilco album day!!