Friday, August 08, 2008

Birthday, Beach, Batman

I know I've been a bad, bad blogger lately. I have been fairly busy lately though. Nah, that's a lie. Let's catch up.

First of all, a couple of weeks ago was my birthday. Molly and I met up with her family back at Oak Island for a few days of relaxing and swimming and horrible injuries.

Last year, I injured my ankle my first time in the water and followed that up with an unbelievable sunburn on my back. This time I did fairly well. I only kinda sunburned my legs (the above photo shows why). My biggest problem this time was a nasty case of shingles I caught the day before we left. Pretty painful, but a steady diet of Advil kept it in check.

Oh it was such a nice relaxing way to spend my birthday. Got plenty of rest and reading and swimming in. Also, we got out of town just in time to miss Cristobal. I think we hit the first wave of the storm as we were leaving town.

I miss Oak Island. It's such a comfortable little town. Plus they have many, many pelicans. I love pelicans.

Okay, let's see what else. I did see The Dark Knight last weekend. I loved it. It was incredibly intense and disturbing.
And can I say, oh my god??!.....
Holy smokes, I can't wait to see this. If you haven't had a chance to read Watchmen, you absolutely must. You have until this film is released next year. Get on that.
Well, that's all I can really think about right now. At the moment, I'm watching the Olympics opening ceremony. My favorite part is watching all of the cutaways of George Bush looking more and more uncomfortable as time passes. Nice stadium, but our president's ass is hurting.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wilco at Wrigley

With nothing else to do on Sunday, I found myself watching the sticking Cubs game. I turned in just in time to see this sight.....

You know, I've come to terms with the thought of Wilco now being a Chicago band, and a former St. Louis band. That's how everybody in the world sees Wilco. I'll admit though, it did sting a little bit to see a custom Tweedy Cubs jersey. Something tells me, however, that Tweedy isn't the biggest baseball fan in the world and probably doesn't get too worked up with the Cubs-Cardinals rivarly. (Fast forward to 4:10 though for a nice revelation from Jeff.)

Maybe I was expecting Jeff Tweedy to pull a Jack Buck....