Thursday, February 21, 2008


First of all, chalk up the lack of posting recently to the evil of February sweeps. This book has probably been the most brutal of my career. When I actually get time at home, I typically spend it fighting back tears and questioning every career decision I’ve ever made. There is hope though. It’s almost over! It’s almost over!

Really there hasn’t been much of anything going on for me outside of work. There will be in August though.

I already had plans to go back to Oak Island early in the month for vacation. Late in the month I’m heading to Pittsburgh for a wedding. Then I got a call from Jonathan a couple of weeks ago.

He’s getting married in August. “Hooray! Congratulations!”
He’s wants me at his wedding. “Hell yeah! Of course!”
…….in Bulgaria . “Uhhhhhhh.”

I thought long and hard about it (for about five minutes) and decided I’m going. How many chances am I going to get in my lifetime for a Bulgarian vacation? I don’t have a passport. Gotta get on that. The most international I’ve ever been was a college road trip to Toronto. Didn’t need a passport for that.

Plane tickets are a tad pricey. $1200 is the cheapest I can find for a single ticket.

(Oh and by the way, try to figure this one out. Any flight I take will have a connection in Paris, Prague, Hamburg, or Munich. Just out of curiosity I checked out tickets to just those cities. They were all around $1500. How does that work? So I guess if I want a vacation in Paris, I book a flight to Bulgaria and “accidentally” miss my flight and spend a week in Paris. Weird.)