Monday, November 07, 2005

A Good Rock Show, Close But No

I was sitting here bummed tonight because I saw that Spoon is playing with American Music Club back at the Blue Note on Thursday. These are two of my favorite bands. I've been an AMC fan since high school. I saw Spoon at the Note last year, but I've never seen AMC. Well I never had a chance. Now I'm going to miss a freaking awesome show.

To try to cheer myself up, I decided to peruse Pollstar for upcoming shows here in town. Richmond never gets shows that excite me. We get the big stuff, but not the small stuff. Elton John is playing tomorrow (which ought to be a traffic nightmare since it's election day and both party headquarters and the Elton John show are all a few blocks apart downtown). The only two shows I've noticed in town that I would've gone to were Wolf Eyes and Hank Williams, III. I didn't go to either.

I was really bumming until I noticed Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co.) is playing solo on Saturday. Freaking sweet! I was just listening to him today! Then I noticed where it was. I'd never heard of it. Pollstar has is listed as "3170 Montrose Ave." Secretly Canadian has it listed as "The Aigner Lee House." I was joking that it's probably just some dude's house.

It is just some dude's house. Songs: Ohia's site has it listed as a private show.

It's not too bad I'm missing it because I saw Molina last spring at Mojo's. In fact I pissed with him in the bathroom. Maybe I'll just show up and be like, "Remember me? Can I come in?" I need to make friends with this Aigner Lee dude fast!