Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Small, Strange World

Okay so shortly after I moved here a couple of months ago I finished reading 3 Nights in August. Since, I haven't been reading much. I've picked up some old Hunter S. Thompson I bought years ago but never bothered to read. None of them really interested me too much so I just stopped reading until I could find something worthy. Then I found this. It took a few weeks to deliver because it was lost in the mail, but it finally came in today.

As soon as I got it I started thinking about my next purchase, because I have to. The last couple of weeks, I've just been picking up some old used stuff (collection filler). I'll start buying up some newer stuff I haven't gotten around to yet. I compiled this list:
Fiery Furnaces-Rehearsing My Choir
Sigur Ros-Takk...
Smog-A River Ain't Too Much to Love

That was all I could think of that I planned on getting, but hadn't yet. I always complain that I haven't bought the new Smog yet. I was going to pick it up at Plan 9 because it was always on sale. However, when the new Silver Jews came out they jacked the Smog up to $16. I guess they could only have one Drag City release on sale at a time, or something.

I went on Amazon tonight to see if anybody was selling a cheap used copy. Sure enough, there was one that was right about what I wanted to spend. Normally I just click and buy without looking at the seller. This time, something caught my eye. The moniker of this seller happened to be "Mister Wajda." Hmmm. How odd. I know a Wajda that would happen to have the new Smog.

I'm not an outright stalker. I'm just an accidental stalker.