Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two Years

Yay, it's the Suitcase's second birthday! Hooray!!

Not that anybody reads this crap anyways.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nine Years

Nine years ago from today I got my first job in television. Hooray...? Actually I can't ever imagine myself doing anything different, no matter how easy it is to become cynical in the business.

Oh there will be drinking tonight. However it'll be alone and contemplative.

"What have I done??"

"Oh my youth!!!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free....for a day

Note the complete lack of posting over the last couple of weeks. I've had two days off of work over the last four weeks.

I was so worked up for an actual weekend starting Sunday night. Finally! Went out for drinks with a couple of friends that night to just get drunk and not think about work. They wanted to watch a wrestling pay-per-view at okay. I went anyways, and was actually having fun.....

....until my phone rang and it was right back to work in the morning. Screw!!

At least I had Tuesday off to catch up on a few things.....getting my tires changed, groceries, sleep, drink, and buy some new albums....

I really, really wanted to pick up that new compilation of Johnny Cash demos, Personal File. I wasn't overly excited about it's release, thinking it was just milking it. However, after reading nothing but spectacular reviews, eh why not buy 49 new songs from my favorite musician?

But I had to check the used stuff. Glad I did too because I got some great stuff, even if I did sacrifice the new Johnny Cash.

Sigur Rós - Takk...

God I fucking love Sigur Rós. It just sounds....important or something. The best description I've ever heard for their music is that it sounds like glaciers. I've been fighting with myself to pick this one up since December, but always found an excuse to skip it. I'm glad I finally bought it because it is spectacular.

Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance

Okay, I admit I really only know about Jim O'Rourke via Wilco/Loose Fur/Sonic Youth. I've loved his stuff though and I'm glad I finally picked up some solo stuff. Since hooking up with Jeff Tweedy, Jeff has really changed the sound of his guitar. If you like that sound with Jim's piano, check this album out. Really good stuff......brief, but really good.

Also be sure to check out Moops Music right now. They are closing up this year and have lowered the price on a TON of great stuff, especially the Mountain Goats. I went nuts and really shored up my back catalogue with:

Zopilote Machine
Nothing for Juice
Protein Source of the Future...Now!
See America Right (single)

If you haven't really checked out the Mountain Goats, don't miss out on this sale.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I can't sleep tonight. I was close to nodding off, but then I heard a distant gunshot that jolted me awake (gotta love Richmond south of the James). I finally got fed up and got up, took a shower, and fixed up a big pot of coffee. I've only got a little more than an hour before work, so I may as well stay up. This is not good because I have a ten hour day today and don't get a day off for eleven more days. Oh well.

Since there hasn't been a good music release in a while, I've gone back and listened to the backburner stuff from this year. Right now, I've rediscovered Belle & Sebastian's latest, The Life Pursuit, and I think it may be the best release of the year so far.

I liked it when I first picked it up in February, but it quickly got lost in the fold. I know I was looking forward to it, but I had been listening to a lot of their earlier stuff at that time. I guess that's what I was expecting from this release, even thought I should've known they're past that.

When I went back to listen to it again, I listened to it more lyrically than musically and am now very satisfied. I guess I didn't notice how strong it was before. Here, just read the lyrics to "Sukie in the Graveyard." Compare that to the lyrics of the much older "Me and the Major." I guess not as much has changed as I had thought.

I've really come to re-appreciate songs like "Song for Sunshine" and "For the Price of a Cup of Tea." More than anything, "Funny Little Frog" may be the song of the year. I'm very satisfied now.