Friday, August 24, 2007

Oak Island

I had a great weekend in Oak Island, North Carolina. We had a rented house. Here's the back of the house:

Pretty cool. Now turn around and this was the view:

Freaking awesome.

I basically spent three straight days in the ocean. Now remember, I'm from the Midwest. Therefore I don't have much experience with swimming in the ocean. It showed too. Within thirty minutes of arriving, I seriously sprained my ankle on a sand bar. I'd never heard of a sand bar!

Luckily there weren't many people around to exploit my embarrassment. This is basically as busy as the beach got:

It was a killer beach, and practically empty too.

By the end of the weekend, I started to get used to riding the waves without severe injury. I left with many injuries and a nasty sunburn on my back. Still this vacation was one of the best I've ever had.

Looking back, we really didn't do anything but sit around in the sand, swim, eat, and drink. However, that's all we needed to have a great time. The only non-beachy thing we did was complete a puzzle:

Seriously, that was an amazing vacation. Like nothing I'd ever done before. I miss it though, and I can't wait to go back someday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's been pretty intense over the last month. However, things are getting much better and way more fun, starting this last weekend when Jonathan came down to Richmond from DC. You know it's going to be a nice weekend when it starts with Jonathan getting out of a car being co-piloted by Mena Suvari. (Seriously. I met Mena Suvari.)

I was working all weekend long, but it was a very light schedule allowing many tours of Richmond and many, many drinks. We were up drinking past 4am all weekend long. Here we are with Molly and about a dozen Tecates in our bellies:

It really was a great weekend. The weather was great. We went everywhere in town and I was exhausted when he left on Sunday. It was go, go, go all weekend, but next weekend I'll be all relaxed chilling on the beach. Outer Banks, ahoy!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

To Huxley, From Molly

Been a pretty strange year so far. Plenty of ups and downs. This past week has been very much a downer, but it's reminded me of the biggest up of the year: getting together with Molly. Huxley was a huge factor in our relationship. Molly really loved Huxley and when she asked to write something for her, I couldn't say no. Here's what she wrote:

To Huxley,

Six months is nothing compared to six years. But it's long enough to win my heart, which you absolutely did.

I didn't know you until Christmas, and you charmed me easily. The first time I sat down you jumped into my lap. Your paws on my chest, your nose pressed into my chin, your purr rumbling as cat fur clung to my face. I loved you instantly.

I love the manic passion you reserved for playtime. I'm pleased that you accepted (most of) the toys I brought you. I love when I was standing on my tiptoes to see into the bathroom mirror, and I felt your wet nose and soft cheek rub against my heels. I love you in your little basket.

I love how you never gave up trying to escape out the front door when we came home. I love how determined you were to catch the birds that danced so close by outside. I love how you snuck into the kitchen cabinets while I was doing dishes; how you'd fetch my earrings and bring them to Brock if I didn't put them away properly; how you tried to eat your brush.

I love you because you kept me company all those nights when he worked the late shift. Because you never got mad when I forgot to feed you on time. Because you were such a good friend to both of us.

I love you because you took such good care of him.

He says you brought us together. I'm so grateful you did. I will do everything I can to make him as happy as you made him your whole life. That is my promise to you.