Friday, October 08, 2004

Lazy, Not Forgetful

Don't worry, I'm not dead. I know I haven't posted anything in over a month. I've been pretty lazy....or busy. I've been crazy busy at work lately and haven't been doing much out of work aside from sleep. Sleep, and watching football and the Cardinals mopping up the Dodgers.

I guess the only real excitement from September was seeing Ryan Adams and Wilco on consecutive nights at the Blue Note. Ryan Adams was great, but the Wilco show (my fourth) was something I'll never forget. I need to find a bootleg of that show if one exists. If anybody stumbles across one, make sure to tell me. I'll forever be grateful.

Another reason I haven't been posting is that I didn't buy anything to brag about all month. I did get the Cake on Tuesday. It's great, but one Cake album is just like the other (in Cake's case, that's not a bad thing). I read a Rolling Stone article a while back with John McCrea saying he wants "Pressure Chief" to sound more like a band album rather than a solo album. It just sounds like a Cake album to me. It's like another Cake album in the sense that it's worth the money, but you won't be surprised.

I picked up Brian Wilson's "SMiLE" today. This album deserves its own post, which I'll do sometime this weekend (or month....just kidding). I absolutely love it, but it's so complex that it'll take me a few listens to figure out exactly why I love it. I'm on my second spin right now (currently on "Cabin Essence"). I think "Pet Sounds" is the greatest album ever released and I'm trying not to put "SMiLE" in "Pet Sounds" terms, but I think that'll be impossible. However, "SMiLE" is drastically different from "Pet Sounds" and to anything I've ever heard before. I'll post a review tomorrow or so. Till then....