Saturday, August 04, 2007

To Huxley, From Molly

Been a pretty strange year so far. Plenty of ups and downs. This past week has been very much a downer, but it's reminded me of the biggest up of the year: getting together with Molly. Huxley was a huge factor in our relationship. Molly really loved Huxley and when she asked to write something for her, I couldn't say no. Here's what she wrote:

To Huxley,

Six months is nothing compared to six years. But it's long enough to win my heart, which you absolutely did.

I didn't know you until Christmas, and you charmed me easily. The first time I sat down you jumped into my lap. Your paws on my chest, your nose pressed into my chin, your purr rumbling as cat fur clung to my face. I loved you instantly.

I love the manic passion you reserved for playtime. I'm pleased that you accepted (most of) the toys I brought you. I love when I was standing on my tiptoes to see into the bathroom mirror, and I felt your wet nose and soft cheek rub against my heels. I love you in your little basket.

I love how you never gave up trying to escape out the front door when we came home. I love how determined you were to catch the birds that danced so close by outside. I love how you snuck into the kitchen cabinets while I was doing dishes; how you'd fetch my earrings and bring them to Brock if I didn't put them away properly; how you tried to eat your brush.

I love you because you kept me company all those nights when he worked the late shift. Because you never got mad when I forgot to feed you on time. Because you were such a good friend to both of us.

I love you because you took such good care of him.

He says you brought us together. I'm so grateful you did. I will do everything I can to make him as happy as you made him your whole life. That is my promise to you.