Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's been pretty intense over the last month. However, things are getting much better and way more fun, starting this last weekend when Jonathan came down to Richmond from DC. You know it's going to be a nice weekend when it starts with Jonathan getting out of a car being co-piloted by Mena Suvari. (Seriously. I met Mena Suvari.)

I was working all weekend long, but it was a very light schedule allowing many tours of Richmond and many, many drinks. We were up drinking past 4am all weekend long. Here we are with Molly and about a dozen Tecates in our bellies:

It really was a great weekend. The weather was great. We went everywhere in town and I was exhausted when he left on Sunday. It was go, go, go all weekend, but next weekend I'll be all relaxed chilling on the beach. Outer Banks, ahoy!!