Saturday, April 21, 2007


Been back from vacation since Monday, but things have been pretty nutty here since. Finally have a moment to myself so I figure I'd post a little summery of the trip. The whole vacation was just amazing. Starting in Charlotte.

Got to catch the Bobcats-Heat game. Pretty crappy tickets to start with:

Eventually John met up with some friends who snuck us to this bar area at pretty much courtside. Pretty awesome to see Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade that close. Too bad Shaq and Adam Morrison didn't play.

Next night was the trip to Florida. It was a hell of a drive, but we had a blast the whole way. We stopped to see Savannah briefly and had dinner in downtown Jacksonville on the river.

Very pretty. I saw a dolphin jump out of the water. I'd never seen a dolphin before.

We evenually made it to Cape Coral around 3am. We really took our time getting there, so we were definitely lacking in sleep. We never did recover that sleep at any point on the trip.

The house we were at was freaking cool. We had our own pool and a boat dock.

We each had our own bed. Plus it was cheaper than a hotel. Nice!

I spent plenty of time checking out all the weird wildlife in Florida. Some weird birds, all kinds of cool lizards, and some big-ass bugs.

I spent the whole time there looking for manatees. Never did see one though. The only disappointment of the trip.

Spent a day running errands and hanging by the pool. Then we got our drink on.

And we really got our drink on. I think I drank enough that first night to stay drunk the whole trip. Everybody was really hurting the next morning.

Didn't really get any good pix of the wedding, but it was really cool. Everything that whole day was just perfect. My own personal highlight was burning the house down singing "Ace of Spades" with Cory.

We tore that bastard up.

The aftermath.

All-in-all, the trip was perfect for me. Got to do all I wanted and had a blast the whole time.

Then I got home and the whole world went nuts. Work has been insane this week with the mess in Blacksburg. To add on to everything, I was the only early day director not on vacation so I had to deal with everything alone. Really stressful and tramatic week for everybody.
At least I had the new Andrew Bird to relax me after work.

It is wonderful.

Also while I was away, I must have missed that Kurt Vonnegut died. One of my favorite two living writers. Now I only have J.D. Salinger. Mother Night, one of my favorite books ever. I spent most of high school obsessed with Vonnegut. Very sad, I am Billy Pilgrim.