Saturday, March 24, 2007


So my last summer was pretty much wasted. Didn't really do anything at all. After finally going to Virginia Beach about two weeks ago, I decided that I'll make it my goal to do some more exciting things this year when the weather is nice.

Well first of all is here in a few weeks when Ahrens and I will be road tripping to the big giant O'Donnell-Olesen wedding. We're going to be driving the whole thing. I'm going to spend a day or so checking out Charlotte and maybe a day in Savannah along the way.

After that on April 28th, I'm going with a bunch of friends to Monticello. Okay so I only live an hour away from Charlottesville and I go there all the time, but for some reason I've never checked out Monticello. I've lived in Virginia longer than anybody else in my family and am the only one that's never been there. Hell, even one of my best friends' mother works there. Well that trip is set in stone.

The only other trip that might be set in stone is a camping trip to Cape Lookout, NC. It's an island on the Outer Banks. It costs about $15 for a ferry to get there, but then everything else is free. They let you set up camp pretty much anywhere you want. I wanna camp on the beach! That sounds so freaking cool. Plus they have some wild horses. Pretty cool. I think I'll be doing that on my birthday in July. The weather will be nice and it's during the week so it won't be as packed with people.

Here's the other things I've got on the plate:

1. Spend a day in Baltimore. Go to an Orioles game and maybe see the aquarium. I love aquariums.

2. Camp on Loft Mountain. Can't find a good link for it, but it's in western Virginia along Skyline Drive. My Production Manager gave me this tip. He said it's not a long hike to the peak where you have a 360 view. They do have bears though. That's a little spooky.

3. Check out Luray Caverns. I love me some caves. People have been telling me about this place since I moved here almost two years ago.

4. Finally, I want to go to Natural Bridge. How cool does that place look?

I go through the mountains in western Virginia all the time, but have never really stopped on the way. I drive by most of these places west of here every time I go to my sister's house in Fishersville. This will be a nice summer.