Monday, March 05, 2007


Not much new here. Been staying busy with work and whatnot. Hadn't been buying too much new music lately. Ordered up the new Bright Eyes single ("Four Winds").....pretty good. Also ordered a couple of older releases, but two weeks later am still waiting.

Got one sweet show coming up in a week. Jandek, freaking Jandek is coming to Richmond. Dude's only played nine shows EVER in the U.S. and he's coming to freaking Richmond. I got my ticket. Had to do some messing around with the work schedule, but I'm going. (Oh and thanks for the heads-up Prax....whoever you are. If you'll be at the show, look me up.)

Finally got a little fed up with the lack my lack of new music to freak out about today and picked up a couple of things I'd been holding off on (for whatever reason). Picked up the new Of Montreal, haven't listened to it yet.

Oh and the new Apples in Stereo!!

Should've picked this up sooner. I was amped up for this after seeing Apples in Stereo here in Richmond last summer. I'm telling you, this is one hell of an album. Might be their best yet. Just an hour of gut-punching power pop. I was trying to come up with a description.... here's what I got: Jad Fair doing ELO covers as lead singer of Superchunk. Yeah, that sounds right. Definitely get this.
One warning I give to my many metalhead friends. I've already given this description to Neeley tonight. This is the type of album that a metalhead listens to and gets one song stuck in his/her metalhead head. Sings "and the world is made of energy" over and over again and goes on a killing rampage. Metalheads aren't necessarily violent by nature, but listening to this music can definitely bring out that rage.
For my non-metalhead friends, make sure you pick this up.