Sunday, March 18, 2007


My folks were in town this week. Monday we spent most of the day in Virginia Beach.

Funny, or kinda sad, that I've spent the last year and a half less than two hours away from the ocean and I haven't seen the ocean in almost nine years. Too bad it was freaking freezing in Virginia Beach. It was nice and warm in Richmond, but man it was cold on the coast. The wind was blowing really nasty and my ears were frozen. We warmed back up with a big giant seafood buffet though. Delicious!
Tuesday really sucked, at least for the morning hours. I got the call to jury duty. It was so boring. We had a bunch of orientation stuff to do, and a cheesy video to watch. Then we got our court assignments. I was excited to see my courtroom was a criminal court, instead of some boring civil case. Too bad they were just using the room for a boring civil case involving a car accident. I did get selected to sit on the jury, but got the boot when I mentioned I was injured in a car accident in 2001 and got an injury settlement. Then I got to go home. It felt like I was at the courthouse all damn day, but it was only two and a half hours.
Last Sunday's Jandek show, by the way, was freaking awesome. Two hours of music and only six songs. Jandek didn't say one thing to the crowd. In fact he played most of the show not even facing the crowd. He just stared at a Ralph Steadman poster on the wall. The only acknowledgement he gave us was a small smile and slight nod after the last song. Definitely one of those shows I'll never forget. Sitting a few feet from Jandek. Something not a lot of people can say. The show is going to be released on Corwood and I can't wait.