Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Really killer release day today. Had to pick up three sweet releases. Thankfully all three were on sale too. Okay let's start:

Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere

I love Andrew Whiteman. You don't have to know me terribly well to know my undying love for Broken Social Scene. I loved his first Apostle of Hustle release, Folkloric Feel. It was so smooth and cool.

Now on his second Apostle of Hustle release, National Anthem of Nowhere, his sound is less relaxed. Much more beat here, more bass. It just sounds dirtier. And it is fantastic. His voice is just as comforting as on Folkloric Feel, but surrounded by more chaos. The organs and drums are more distorted, while his guitar sounds just as cool. Just super cool music here.

Son Volt - The Search

God I've given Jay Farrar so much crap over the last several years. I'm of the ilk that feels like he peaked with Trace. I still enjoyed the Son Volt 1.0 albums and Sebastopol, but haven't really enjoyed anything since.

The Search, however, ain't too shabby. There are some excellent songs here. The rockers are really solid and the ballads aren't too cheesy. Jay still has a tendency to rely on weird noises that really don't fit in with the rest of the song, but it's definitely toned down a bit here. My biggest problem is that the best songs are the shortest ones. Okay, I'm nitpicking. Congrats, Jay, you have released a hell of an album. I salute you.

Son Volt really reminds me of being back in Missouri. They even have a song on this album called "Methamphetamine." Ah, I miss you Missouri.

Oh and if you're a completest, like me, iTunes has a bunch of bonus tracks. They're included with the album purchase on iTunes, but you can still buy the CD and pick up the bonus tracks later.... it'll just cost you more.

What else came out today? Oh yeah, maybe you've heard that the new Arcade Fire came out today. (Does sarcasm reflect well here?)

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

I usually try not to fall into that trap of hating the overhyped. Therefore, I still like the Arcade Fire. I loved Funeral, and never really got sick of it. Even after the Arcade Fire became the next Radiohead, or something. Saviors of indie rock! Eh, whatever. I still like them.
Gotta be honest though....I'm not too crazy about Neon Bible.... and not because of the hype. I loved Funeral for the enormity of it. It just sounded huge, and never really stopped throughout its duration. Neon Bible doesn't really have that. It has its moments (come on, a freaking church organ on "Intervention?"). Really the most bombastic moments are its best. "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" and "Antichrist Television Blues" are fantastic.
Still it's a little disappointing that the best moment is "No Cars Go," a song that first appeared on their debut EP. I definitely agree with the Pitchfork review that the album should've ended there. A little disappointing, but still an enjoyable listen. I'm sure I'll gain some more appreciation with more listens.