Sunday, December 23, 2007

Early Presents

Wanna see what I got Molly and I for Christmas?

The one on the left is Sophie. The one on the right is Daniel. They are ten weeks old and siblings.
Daniel actually went through several names today (Fritzy, Auggie, then Daniel). We settled on Daniel while we were watching Danielson: A Family Movie tonight. Both of them were sleeping, except when Daniel woke up and took interest in one scene featuring both Daniel Smith and Daniel Johnston. Well there you go.
It's been an eventful first day with them. Of course, they were both scared when they got here. It didn't take much time for the explorers to come out. Daniel is a lovebug, but Sophie has taken much longer to warm up to us. She's getting there, though.
It's so funny watching them together. They do everything together (explore, play, eat, sleep, bathe). Dammit I love kittens. I picked out a pair of winners too.