Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moved In

Okay, I'm all moved in here at Virginia Beach. My apartment is totally badass. This area of town is killer. Life is all good right now.

Tomorrow is when I start the new job. I'm a little nervous, I'll admit. It'll be weird going in as a manager of people I don't know. At least I'll be well-rested. I've spent the last three days going to bed whenever I'm tired, and waking up whenever I'm awake. It's been very nice. Molly and I have just been exploring the neighborhood. Lots of shopping. That's good. Today we're planning on heading over to the beach. We're around ten minutes from the shore, may as well take advantage of it.

The problem I have right now is that I am broke. Moving is so ridiculously expensive. It'll take some time to refuel. We were planning on seeing the Shins last night at the Norva, but decided to keep the money. Sucks because that would've been a killer show. I did get the new Most Serene Republic my last day in Richmond. Funny, I think the last album I bought before I left Kirksville was their previous album.

Gotta get going. Got a lot of laying around to do today! Relax for one more day. Back to reality tomorrow.