Tuesday, September 18, 2007


After a lunchtime trip to BW3 on Sunday, I came down with a horrible illness. At first I figured it as just indigestion. The last few times I'd been there, I'd felt pretty awful afterwards. However, about five hours later or so I really felt terrible. Cold sweats, terrible nausea, the whole bit. Food poisoning?

Maybe not. Last week when my mom was in town she came down with a terrible flu. She got it from my nephew. It also branched to my sister and it followed my mom back home to my dad. I guess it only affects those with the Taylor gene because so far my sister's husband and Molly have been unaffected. A flaw in our family genes?

Maybe not that either. This illness was really terrible. It didn't last but a day or so, but it was really a different animal.... like from out of this world. I can't remember ever having a flu this awful. I kept describing it as a Martian flu, and like in the movies when a meteorite crashes and everybody gets sick.

Maybe not?? Well check out what I saw on Yahoo today!!