Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Break

Since I started my new job late in the year, I don't get any vacation until January. So you better believe I took advantage of having a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. Twas so nice.

Spent half a day in western Virginia with my sister, then the last couple of days in Richmond. Man, I miss Richmond. Virginia Beach is nice, but I really miss the character Richmond has. All the restaurants are very unique. It's easy to commute around. All the music and art and shopping. Oh and Chipotle. God I wish Virginia Beach had a Chipotle. How does it not? It's way bigger than Richmond, and Richmond has a ton of them. How many in the whole Hampton Roads area? Zero.

Well I did get some Chipotle. Also went to Carytown Teas to load up on some tasty leaves. Got to see lots of friends. Got some drinks (with a '50's rockabilly singer rambling behind a mic for 90 minutes). Two loaded Thanksgiving meals. Also went to Plan 9.

Now it's funny, I still haven't found a good music store here. I've been going to Best Buy or buying online. I did check out this big place called Planet Music, which seemed like an old Tower Records (I'll stick to Best Buy). I was very excited to hit up Plan 9. I found a couple of Sigur Rós and Palace Brothers albums used. Very nice. But I didn't buy a single one. I don't know why exactly. I finally get a nice big indie music store again, and I don't get anything. Hm, oh well.

It's back to work tomorrow. Things are getting much better at work. I'm getting more relaxed and people are slowing down with their "this guy is nuts" stares I get. Was very nice getting out of town. I miss Richmond, but it's nice here too.