Saturday, December 08, 2007

Old Men

I finally got to see No Country for Old Men last weekend. I'd been dying to see this film for months. Was it worth the wait?

Oh dear lord, yes.

Every second of this film was truly engrossing. Every scene was fascinating. It was disturbing, funny, intense. Basically it was a Coen brothers film. I've been reading reviews saying it's their best since Fargo. Well, that's true.

The performances were all spot-on. Javier Bardem is so freaking good as the villain Chigurh. Everytime he popped up, you could see the audience squirming in their seats. In fact, at one point he popped up, the guy behind me whispered throughout the whole scene, "Oh my God. Holy crap." He really was terrifying. True embodiment of unstoppable insanity.

Oh, by the way, does it make me weird that I am a fan of Josh Brolin? He was incredible in this film. But before I saw this movie, I loved the guy.

Anyway, No Country for Old Men is by far the best film I've seen this year. Nothing was even close. Not Grindhouse. Not The Host. This is the best film in a long time.

Well at least until There Will Be Blood comes out here in a few weeks.

(Hey, speaking of awesome films.... I just finished watching They Live on Encore for like the millionth time. Shit, I love that film. John Carpenter's best..... better than The Thing, yes.)