Monday, January 02, 2006


Currently working on my best of 2005 list and taking a break to write a quickie....okay so there's a little Resident Evil 4 break in there too.

The New Year's party was great fun. Didn't get home until 7am. That's always a good sign of a good time.

So far, however, 2006 has sucked. Yesterday was a complete waste. Was sick as hell all morning and didn't get any good sleep until almost noon. Then woke up around 4:30pm, still sick. Had to go into work this morning to cover for somebody's vacation. Usually I'm off on Mondays, but I can't complain because I just had a week off. The problem with this morning is that my cold is only getting worse. I was death itself this morning. I was supposed to work a full shift, but could only muster about half. Plus Iowa was playing at 11am!!

Yeah, but that sucked. I'm usually not one to complain about sorry officiating, but that game today was a joke. The roughing the kicker just before halftime I can handle, I guess. But for Florida to not get called for too many men on the field when the extra guy was running in front of a ref is not cool. Then for them to end Iowa's comeback, and Chad Greenway's college career, by flagging him offside on a recovered onside kick (when he was actually onside by a yard and a half) is just so ridiculous it's unreal. I'm glad I don't care about Conference USA because if that's the officiating they have, I'd go insane.

Oh, by the way, my New Year's song of 2006 ended up being Feist's "Mushaboom." Berto and I had this thing where we each pick a song to listen to to ring in the New Year....something that you want to set the tone for the upcoming year....always with uncanny accuracy, I might add. "Mushaboom" seemed like a good choice.

I'll get my list up tomorrow. Also, don't forget, new Strokes tomorrow.