Sunday, December 04, 2005

I've Been a Bad, Bad Blogger

It's been some three weeks since my last post. The reason is simple...I have nothing to talk about. I'll just pass on a note to let everybody know I'm still surviving Richmond.

I haven't bought any new albums in a while. The last new one I picked up was Wilco's Kicking Television-Live in Chicago, which is great. I'm just getting over a big Guided By Voices kick. I'm nearing completion on the GBV book and kinda went nuts over collecting more of Pollard's back catalogue. Right now I pulled out some Sufjan Stevens again. I've been listening to Michigan all day.

I also got into a big Katamari Damacy kick a couple of weeks ago. It's the most idiotic, yet addicting, game ever. Plus it's nice and cheap too....only $20. Go get it. When I'm ready to give up on my social life again I'll pick up the sequel.

Sleep has been my biggest issue over the last couple of days. Friday I was exhausted when I got home around 3pm. I slept on my couch until around 8pm, took a shower, then went to a party. Just before 1am I went to work and relaxed on the couch in the break room for a couple of hours. I left work just after 10am and passed out until 1:30pm. The problem is that I was supposed to be back for the lottery drawing at 1pm. Whoops. At least I was just an extra hand so it wasn't a big deal. I got a killer nap in when I got home at 10am this morning, so I'm ready for my weekend. A three day weekend at that. Plus Ahrens is supposed to come up tomorrow!

Only two more weeks and I'll be home for a week. I'm pretty excited. I really haven't been too homesick though, and that's good. I've been having a blast here in Richmond. Still, I can use a nice vacation and it'll be great to be home.