Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Have a Very Brian Wajda Weekend!!

All my whining the other day about trying to find something to do with my time off ended up not meaning much because I had a great, relaxing weekend. I went to this sweet-ass mall (Stony Point) yesterday that was all outdoors. It was so cool. It was so upscale and classy and yuppy. Yeah, so very me. It's funny that apparently everything in that area of town is called Stony Point. There was Stony Point Road, Stony Point Parkway, Stony Point Office Park, Stony Point Shopping Center, and Stony Point Fashion Park.

I was determined to do a little shopping while I was there, of course. So I picked up a sweet track jacket. Similar to this:

Then I picked up a new cap, similar to this:

When I got home, I tried them on and noticed something funny. I just bought a Brian Wajda outfit!! Seriously, I don't think I ever saw him without an outfit just like this.

The funniest is that I also when to Bath & Body Works and picked up some Cucumber Melon hand soap. Wajda got me hooked on this stuff like four years ago. Weird.

Well at least Wajda can rest easily that his fashion sense is being carried over to the mid-Atlantic.

Today I went to pick up the new Silver Jews. But Wajda is into the Silver Jews! ARGGH!!!

Oh well, back to work tomorrow. I'm currently spending the evening sipping hot chocolate and watching NBC's good night of tv (aka, their only good night of tv) and continuing to think of ways to hijack Wajda's personality. I feel like Buffalo Bill here, but on accident.