Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Mess

Man did last night not go according to plan. First of all: the obvious. The Cardinals lost. That sucked. Secondly, simply watching the game turned into a challenge.

About twenty minutes before kickoff, just as Molly and I were starting on dinner, the power flickered off and on. Everything came back on, minus the internet and cable. Yeah, the cable. Kinda need that. Especially for the freaking Super Bowl!! We finished up dinner, hoping the cable would come back. No luck. Thankfully we live pretty close to Molly’s parents. So without hesitation, we booked it over to their house. Made it just in time for the coin toss. Very good.

At the end of the first half, we went back home to try our luck and it paid off. Cable was back. Internet was working. All good.

Turns out that there was an accident just around the corner from our apartment. Somebody drove into a utility pole and took everything out. Bad timing, just before kickoff of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl!! There were apparently injuries, so I’ll be the big man and hope that everybody is okay. Besides, at least everything seemed okay for the second half.

Except that it wasn’t. Shortly after kickoff, everything went off. As in EVERYTHING. Pitch black. Maybe the cable was still working, I don’t know. But without electricity, I could care less. Once again, we packed up and went to Molly’s parents’ place. Good thing they live so close. Awesome game. Awesome finish. We got to see everything, minus some of the boredom of the third quarter.

After the game we went back home to still find pitch black. It was actually kind of nice. Right in the middle of the city and darkness as far as the eye could see. No street lights or anything. I was actually looking forward to living the rest of the night like this. I took a shower by candle light. Oooh, romantic! I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed, read a little by the light of a flashlight, and falling to sleep without a streetlight in my face. Except that the power came back just as I was heading to bed. Nothing went according to plan last night. Nothing!!