Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost Christmas

I went back to work on Wednesday after a week off for vacation. I only worked three days this week (then a few hours yesterday morning for some tapings), but it felt like twenty days. I hate going back to work after vacation... I guess everybody does.

Didn't really do much over vacation. I kept saying that it was my first vacation in around four years where I didn't have big plans. I could've gone home, but Molly only had two days off and I wanted to spend time with her. The only plans we had out-of-town were head up to DC for a museum run and go to my sister's place for the weekend. Neither really went as planned.

Mika got pretty sick right as our vacation started. She spent a day or so having bad sneezing fits, then her eyes got all swollen and pink. We skipped DC and took her to the vet. Seemed like she had some sort of pink-eye virus. She ended up with three different medications. I still went to my sister's over the weekend, but Molly stayed home with the cats. Mika ended up getting better just as my vacation ended (of course), but it was a little scary for a while. She seems like normal now, back to destroying the Christmas tree.

Monday and Tuesday were the days I had off while Molly went back to work. I spent my time getting caught up on some super-violent movies that, for some reason, Molly never really wanted to see: Rambo on Monday, and Shoot 'em Up on Tuesday. Lots of guns and blood and stuff, so good times.

Speaking of movies, we saw Slumdog Millionaire on Friday. Pretty good. Go see it. Danny Boyle is so awesome. I want to see a movie around Christmas but haven't decided between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Valkrie, and The Spirit. Shit man, I want to see Marley and Me too. I loved the book.

Oh, one last thing of awesomeness. We got a Wii. I found a Toys 'r Us nearby selling them, and went ahead and picked one up. Holy crap, I love it.


(That was stupid.)
(Plus Molly is going to kill me for posting that.)
So far the only games we have are Wii Sports (of course), Wii Play (kinda stupid, but I love the fishing game), and Mario Kart (awesome). This weekend I downloaded the old NES Super Mario games and have been playing them. It's funny how I still remember the old secrets and stuff after like fifteen years of not playing them. Just sweet.
Well, I hope everybody enjoys the holidays. I have Christmas day and New Year's Day both off. Christmas is all planned out, but New Year's is still a little up in the air. I went to Carytown's New Year's thingy a couple of years ago, but it's gotten even more nuts since. The idea of spending New Year's shoulder-to-shoulder with 50,000+ people and spending an hour in line getting a $7 beer doesn't sound like fun. Well there is that Gwar show downtown. Hmmm.
Anyhoo, have fun! I'm going to start working on my year-end music lists soon.