Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ex-Smoker, Day 77 (Done)

Yesterday was my last day on the Commit lozenges, so I guess I'm officially nicotine-free. Yay for me!

I was getting pretty worried last week about a possible addiction to the lozenges. The cherry-flavored don't taste too bad, and I found myself looking forward to taking them. However, I got lucky when I went to pick up my last box at Target.

The box I bought had a bonus pack of cappuccino-flavored lozenges. And I am very happy to report that they taste even worse than I had imagined. God they are so gross! They don't taste like cappuccino at all!! They taste more like popcorn covered in maple syrup. Molly can't even stand to be around me when I take them because of the smell.

This is all good because I gave away any cherries I had left, so I am only stuck with cappuccino. I have no choice to either do nothing or eat popcorn covered in maple syrup. Perfect!

Okay, so now that this is over with, I really need to get into shape. I quit smoking and all I have to show for it is a bigger gut. Not good. I'm going to start running again. Join a gym or something. I can't waste my sudden healthiness. Before I moved to Richmond, I was running for twenty minutes four times a week. It was great, except that I ruined it by following up the workouts with a cigarette and some fast food. I already never eat fast food, and now I quit smoking. No more excuses, Taylor!!