Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Mika, our new kitten. We picked her up about two weeks ago from Richmond Animal League.

We figured now would be the right time to pick up a new cat. Sophie had been pretty rebelious lately, and we figured kinda lonely too. She definitely didn't take too kindly to having Mika around at first, but she has made huge strides over the past few days. The first week was filled with hisses and growls, but hardly any swats. We had Mika locked up in the spare bedroom for a while, but we figured we'd let her out to see what would happen. And Sophie got used to her very quickly. I wouldn't quite call them buds yet, but it's getting close.

Mika, by the way, is a very sweet kitten. That's why we got her. She loved being around people, and handled coming home like a champ.

She's become quite rowdy lately though.

In fact, we don't have many good pictures of her yet because she is constantly running around. Her new thing is climbing the Christmas tree almost to the top. She rarely naps, just crashes hard at night. We worry about her craziness because her wound from her spaying wasn't exactly healed when we got her. It popped open a couple of days later. I took her to the vet and she got three staples put in. She gets them out Monday, and we hope her rowdiness hasn't caused any further damage.

She's been great though. It's been nice to hear two cats running after each other again. I really look forward to coming home to see her, even though she is killing my sleeping by jumping on my head or scratching my legs. She'll calm down though. She just has a bunch of kitten energy right now. She's very personable and we love having her here.