Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Saga of Guitar Hero: World Tour

…or Why I Hate UPS

12/25/08: With some Christmas money I ordered the new Guitar Hero game when noticed that the guitar-pack was $75 on Amazon. I figured I could get the free shipping and save $25 over buying it in-store. The only problem is that I’d have to wait on the shipment, but that’s not a problem. Right?

12/30/08: Delivery failed. Every time I order from Amazon, they send it USPS. That’s never a problem. This time they sent it UPS. Now I have to sign for the package. That’s fine, I guess. The slip said it would be re-delivered the next day after 2pm.

12/31/08: I get home at 1pm to find another failed delivery. They tried at noon. That’s two hours before their estimate. Next delivery attempt would be Friday after 2pm. I called the phone number listed to get some confirmation. The automated message said next delivery would be on Monday. I tried to change it to Friday, like on the slip, but it wouldn’t let me. After screaming “fuck you” at the recording about fifteen times, it finally connected me to a person. I told them that I want the package delivered on Friday, like the slip said. They told me I shouldn’t have changed the date to Monday. What? Eventually the operator started listening to me and the delivery was changed to Friday.

1/2/09: No delivery. I called and am told that delivery wasn’t set up until Monday. Oh and that I was the one that set up the Monday delivery. I asked what time. He said between 12:30 and 1pm. *click* Did that fucker just hang up on me?? I called back and tell them what happened, but apparently didn’t believe me. Whatever. Just send it to me on Monday.

1/5/09: Apparently no delivery, but maybe it was delivered to the apartment office while I napped after work. I called UPS and am told that there was no delivery attempt. Dude, I freaking lost it at this point. I was screaming and yelling and making quite the scene. The operator just lost patience with me at this point. With me! She gave the local dudes a message to call me. They do within fifteen minutes. Now this guy was a straight-shooter. He told me exactly when it would be delivered.

1/6/09: Delivery made. Right at the time the local dude told me.

I have played the game a total of once since I got it. Yeah, pretty fun. Worth this headache with UPS? Oh hell no!!

This whole affair was almost as disappointing as the new R.E.M. album. Oh transitions!!

Most Disappointing Album of 2008

Now usually I try to reserve this spot for literally my most disappointing album of the year. However, it usually becomes a forum for me to bash a band that just got shitty. This album, though, really just made me sad.

R.E.M. - Accelerate
I love R.E.M. I really do. I am one of the few that has stuck with them through the years and love everything they do. I loved Reveal. It was reviewed pretty poorly, but I think it’s one of their finest works. The last thing by R.E.M. I absolutely loved was the song “Bad Day” from their compilation In Time. It’s that classic R.E.M. sound that I have been craving. When I started to hear some reviews of Accelerate and keep seeing the words “classic R.E.M. sound” I have to get excited. Then I got the album. And it’s just not good at all. Overproduced. Full of uninteresting songs. Just nothing to get excited about. Come on guys. I still love you though.