Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Luck

Man I used to have just terrible luck when it came to finances. I always seemed to run into those “rains-it-pours” situations. The last couple of years have been pretty good to me though. It helps that I’ve been making quite a bit more money over the last year and a half. I also have been pretty frugal with my money too, saving up throughout the year and making one fairly big purchase a year. This time last year I picked up my sweet TV. This year I picked out a new laptop.

I ordered it on Sunday after weeks of self-debate. It was either that or a new car. My car is fine though. I also don’t have a car payment right now (I finished my loan off last year). I haven’t done my taxes yet, so I can parlay my return back into savings for the computer. It all makes sense.

This laptop is going to be sweet too. 4 gig of ram. It has a sweet ATI dedicated video card, not some cheap integrated junk. Everything is working for it. It’d better be since I spent nearly a grand on it. Again, the car is fine. No worries.

Well until yesterday when I took it in for a routine oil change. They found about eight problems worth around $1300. I had already ordered my laptop on Sunday. Sigh.

Now it’ll be okay. I can afford everything. I’m not cancelling my computer order. The problems with my car are not totally catastrophic and can be gradually fixed. It just really aggravates me that this has to happen at once. My luck is back.