Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yay New Year!

Hooray for my favorite holiday! I just love getting stupid and I love that whole drunk-but-sentimental feeling. I usually attend some sort of big bash for New Year's Eve, but this was the first one in around a decade that I had no plans.

It was fun though.

Molly and I had a nice dinner and martinis at Cheesecake Factory. Then came home to drink champaigne and play with the kittens and watch CNN's absolute TRAINWRECK of a show. (Seriously, it was very funny and uncomfortable to watch.) We went to bed around 3:30am, as opposed to after 7am the last couple of years.

Haven't done a thing today. I did pick up the new Radiohead and Rivers Cuomo's demo disc. Oh and watched Mizzou absolutely destroy Arkansas! Hell yeah!!

Well it may be several more days before I release my favorite albums list, so I'll separate the festivities:

Most Disappointing Album of 2007

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
When everybody was calling Conor the next Dylan, I thought they meant Bob not Jakob. Ouch. Seriously, this album sucks. Oh and thanks for releasing the only descent song on this album as a single. God, there is nothing redeeming about this album! So disappointing.
Oh and the cover.... is it cool? No! It's only cool to subscribers of Highlights magazine.
Damn, what happened to this guy? I still go back and listen to his older stuff and love it. It's not like I outgrew him. He just got crappy. You are not Springsteen. Don't even try. You just sound corny.