Tuesday, July 03, 2007

SuSh 07.03.07

It's Tuesday.... my Sunday. The laundry is done. I've played enough Word Mojo to numb my hands. My eyes are blurry from reading most of the day (halfway through Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?). Nothing on TV. I'm currently working my way through all of the Sopranos DVDs with Netflix, but just finished season one this afternoon and have no more. Still waiting on my Cure album through Amazon. Nothing to do!

Well I guess I could....

Current track count: 8993

1. Weezer - "Pink Triangle [live]" (The Good Life [single])

(By the way, did you hear Weezer is finishing recording their new album?)

2. Feist - "Honey Honey" (The Reminder)

3. Incubus - "Mexico" (Morning View)

(I just had a conversation at the bar Sunday about Incubus. They topped my list of bands I really shouldn't like, but do.)

4. Todd Snider - "I Am Too" (Viva Satellite)

5. Ryan Adams - "English Girls Approximately" (Love is Hell)

(My iPod must be in a country mood.)

6. They Might Be Giants - "Counterfeit Fake" (Then: The Early Years)

(This was on my last Shuffle. Why? It's probably the most annoying song ever!)

7. Bruce Springsteen - "Dry Lightning" (The Ghost of Tom Joad)

(These last three songs..... worst transition ever!!)

8. The Police - "Truth Hits Everybody [live]" (Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings)

9. Superchunk - "Half a Life" (Superchunk)

10. Death Cab for Cutie - "I Was a Kaleidoscope" (The Photo Album)

11. Smog - "Puritan Work Ethic" (Sewn to the Sky)

12. Elliott Smith - "Strung Out Again" (From a Basement On the Hill)