Saturday, December 30, 2006

Week Off

Been back in Richmond since Tuesday from what seemed like the shortest vacation ever. It was a week off, but it barely seemed like a day. Fun as it was, it was entirely too brief. Got to see many old friends and had plenty to drink and fun was had by all. Also saw Walt Jocketty at the airport on his way to Dallas. Pretty sweet.

My trip to KTVO was a little depressing though. That place has changed so much over the last several months. It was pretty sad to see it in that state, however it did make me feel much better about my move to Richmond. Basically the day I moved here was the day they announced that KTVO was for sale. Got out at just the right time.

Christmas was very nice. I got mostly money, which is what I wanted. I've spent a fortune this week refreshing my wardrobe. Today I spent $160 in less than thirty minutes. I also got a nice little gift card for Barnes & Noble. I have plenty of books I'm backed up on, so I picked up Tom Waits' Orphans box set instead. I'd been holding off largely due to the price. Thank you, giftcard!

Well I hope everybody has a nice New Year's tomorrow. I've got plenty of plans (largely involving large amounts of booze in large groups of people). I'll be working on my albums list shortly.