Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Flying out to the 'ville tomorrow and very excited. I've been very, very slow to finish up things around the house before bedtime. I got most of my cleaning done, but still haven't packed. Not that it won't take just a couple of minutes.

Thought I'd sit down for a few minutes (or rather procrastinate a little more). I got some bad news on Monday. I had Sunday sent a nice heartfelt email to my supervisor asking for time off during February book to go see Yo La Tengo. See, like most stations, we're not allowed vacation during sweeps. I spent so much time on this email, really poured my heart out through the keys. Monday comes, mail comes, and jury duty calls. Yeah, jury duty.....for the whole February book. There goes that plan.

Also, if anybody wanted to see Tweedy with me next month, too bad. He's sold out. But I got my ticket suckers!!

Well I get back to Richmond Tuesday. I plan on working on my year-end album list when I get back. I'll sporatically work on it, rather than all in one night like last year. Just to get me in the listing mood, here's a little list that came up in the control room last week. I really had to think about mine, but here's what I came up with:


Abba "Dancing Queen"

There is some weird, surreal quality to this song that kills me every time I hear it. It's almost dream-like. This is one of the few songs that can play in a bar suddenly that'll get me out of my chair to yell, "This my jam!" Then I proceed to dance alone in the corner while everybody wonders who brought me. Many of the best parties I have ever attended featured this song. Of course, many of the best parties I ever attended had some kind of weird, surreal, dream-like quality to them. (That's not a drug reference, by the way).

ELO "Living Thing"

ELO may be number one on my list of the most misunderstood bands ever. I feel like to many people ELO conjures up memories of their parents hanging on a little too tight to their horrible vinyl collection. If Red Octopus is in that collection, then I am definitely right. If you fall into this category, listen to this song with an open mind. One of my favs ever. Might be the first song I look for in many a bar's jukebox.

Shelley Duvall "He Needs Me" (from Popeye)

I briefly attended drama school. Not by my own will. My film program was cancelled and I ended up an actor briefly. Director-wannabes usually don't mix very well with actor-wannabes. They're just so happy and bubbly, dammit. And they like musicals. I don't. Popeye is a musical. Not a very good one either (sorry Mr. Altman). However, this song is simply one of the most adorable things I have ever heard. I find myself singing it to myself at least once a week. This will be played at my wedding, along with "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys.