Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Another weird month for me here in January. Been terribly ill, but at least controllably ill. Okay, so I lost thirty pounds between November and December without really trying. Don't know how it happened, and I didn't really notice while it was happening. I got a few comments here and there, but couldn't really tell. I don't own a scale, but really started to notice when the belt I have worn in the same notch for many years suddenly ran out of notches and suddenly couldn't eat anything without being in awful pain.

I started seeing a couple of different doctors a few weeks ago who suggested a....well, let's just call it a procedure. The procedure didn't sound very nice, especially when the words "intestinal scraping" are involved. I went in last Thursday. It actually wasn't bad. I don't remember any of it from the sedative. Little bits and pieces of memory have returned. It was a weird day. Apparently I was calling people and was totally responsive and carried on conversations just fine. I just don't remember at all. The worst part was the prep-work I had to do last Wednesday. It was a night of absolute hell. I had to take some heavy meds and chug a gallon of this saline solution. My body did things I didn't think were possible outside of comic books or something.

Well in the end, it turned out I'm not as sick as everybody had expected. I had multiple doctors (and my mom) tell me it's likely crohn's disease....which is not good at all, very scary stuff. I'm not fine, but compared to that it's a very small issue thankfully. I've been on some treatments for a few days and things are getting better. Surgery is still an option, but compared to "removing sections of my digestive system" as was an earlier option, the surgery is very minor.

I guess I haven't told you what is actually wrong with me. Well, I'm not. Just....don't worry about it.

Oh well, now that that's out of the way, yesterday was a very delightful release day! First of the year. First up:

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

I really like this album. It's so sweet and just warms you up. That's good too because I'm of the cloth that has felt that the Shins are a little overrated. I know people just put them on this huge indie pedistal, but I never really got it. Still, nice stuff here.

The Good, the Bad & the Queen

Now this is some badass stuff here. A supergroup with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Paul Simonon (the Clash), Simon Tong (the Verve), and Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. Throw in Danger Mouse as producer. I honestly wasn't expecting too much, but I really like it. There are definitely some mediocre moments, but the good songs are really damn good.

Last week was the new release from the Autumn Defense, but I haven't been able to find it yet. Next week oughsta be great with the release of the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.