Friday, December 15, 2006

Aw Jeez, I'm Back On

Wow it has been a long month. Very busy with stuff at work, and out of work. September and October were a couple of the best months I've ever had. November and December, well not so much. Nothing worth talking about online.

Things are looking much better right now. Much better. These last four months have been really wild, and things are really coming full-circle to close out the year. Plus I get almost week off to head home for Christmas coming up. Fly out Thursday and get back Tuesday. Should be fun. It'll be nice to just sleep and eat and drink and not think at all. Can't wait. Plus tomorrow I head to my sister's to see my new niece, Natalie, for the first time. Born Monday.

I had a great week this week. Don't really have any major highlights. I saw Kevin Negandhi anchoring ESPNews last night, though. Why didn't anybody freaking tell me that he was working there?!

Oh hey, I'm going to be seeing some killer concerts coming up in the new year!! Starts off with a Camera Obscura and Essex Green on the January 21. Can't miss that one.

Also saw tonight that Jeff Tweedy is playing a solo show in Charlottesville on January 31. Fuck yeah!! Better believe my ticket is already ordered. I didn't even wait to see if anybody wanted to go, so I guess I'm sitting alone even if somebody goes. As many times as I've seen Wilco, I've never been to a solo Tweedy show. Should be great.

I also had an interesting phone call tonight revealing that Yo La Tengo is also in Charlottesville on February 8. Oh God, I am in heaven!! I love you Charlottesville. I haven't seen them in eight years. That show, by the way, is in my top five best shows ever.

End of the year, so pretty lousy on music releases lately. Gives me time to catch up on things I missed. Two really killer releases over the last month, though. Sufjan Stevens's 5-disc Songs for Christmas is a must. Come on, five discs of Sufjan for $20. Of course it's a can't-miss. Also, everybody must go buy Joanna Newsom's Ys. That is your homework. I'll elaborate a bit more on my best-of list when I do it in a couple of weeks. It'll surely be near the top.

Speaking of lists, I've been having a conversation at work this week that got my mind motivated towards a random list that I'll be posting before my vacation. It's pretty heavy stuff, not one to just jot something down. Your participation will also be very much required in that little "comments" box.

Till then.