Saturday, November 04, 2006

Never Sleep Again

Yeah busy. I haven't had a day off of work in two weeks. Not too bad, but having to be in there everyday at 4am isn't healthy. I don't think I've had more than six hours of sleep at a time in three weeks-ish.

Actually the lack of sleep didn't really hit me too bad until yesterday. It was painful getting up in the morning. Didn't help that Thursday really sucked. My plan was flawless. Get home around 1pm and get five hours of sleep before getting up for burritos with the morning crew. Come home and shower and sleep until 3:30am. Yeah, didn't happen like that.

I got home late from work only to find my front door wide open and some worker dudes reinsulating my apartment. First thought was Huxley. Her safe spot is under my bed, but she wasn't there. I asked the guys if they'd seen a cat. Downstairs? Not good. I looked everywhere almost giving up hope that she ran outside during the day. Then I'd never see her again. Fortunately I found her balled up behind my recliner, terrified. I picked her up to throw her in the bedroom behind a shut door. She made it, but my pinky finger barely did. The worker guys took forever to finish up. I utilized that time to clean up the blood.

Well tomorrow is my last day before a nice couple of days off. It's been a busy month and I can't quite gauge how to react to free time. In the last month I've had a bunch of friends in from out of town, had my parents in, went to DC, went to western Virginia three times, saw two great concerts, all while averaging around 50 work hours a week.

Oh yeah, and I got to see the freaking Cardinals win the World Series. Fuck yeah!! I sacrificed many sleeping hours to see that, but I'm glad I did.

Hey the Portastatic show was so cool, by the way. It was a few weeks ago so it's not quite new, but it's worth mentioning that I got to see them in front of a crowd of thirteen people and I got to play shakers on stage!


Fuck yeah, I was on stage with one of my favorite musicians.

Last time I saw Mac was around nine years ago with Superchunk. That was the show that Neutral Milk Hotel opened. I'll have to travel around with Mac because something really cool happens when I see him.

Okay, I need to sleep. Actually I'm supposed to go to a party tonight, but I haven't decided if I will. Not that the lack of sleep will hurt me. I'm used to that right now. I feel like those guys that come home after being marooned on a desert island for years and can't sleep in a bed and sleep on the floor. I don't know how I'll react to finally getting some sleep. Actually, I don't think it'll be too hard.