Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I've been kind of back and forth from vacation. Anytime I'm not on vacation right now, it seems like I'm at work.

It was a great little break from work. My folks were in town. I got to go to DC for the first time ever and meet up with Jonathan.

See, here's Jonathan and me at the White House:

DC was pretty cool. It was pretty much just as I had always imagined it, but still a pretty sweet town. Sad, I've lived 90 miles from DC for over a year now and had never gone.

Also, on Friday, I went to my sister's new house in western Virginia....her freaking killer house. Awesome place. It's really big and has a great view of the mountains.

I've been so broke lately with all kinds a crazy bills. Getting back on track, and should have everything done in a week. Spent $200 today getting my car back in order, and will put another $200 down next week and that'll be done. Plenty of other crap to pay off right now.

With being as broke as I am, I'm missing out on a couple of sweet releases. I skipping out on today's sweet releases (Portastatic, Robert Pollard), for now. Saturday I go to Charlottesville to see Islands, so no weeping for me. Then next Tuesday, I'm going back to see Portastatic.

I did get a new album on Friday, but that review may wait until tomorrow, after Lost of course. It deserves its own post.