Friday, September 15, 2006

Finding Something

I haven't been buying much music lately, but there is some killer stuff already out there or about to be released. Here's a recap of my last three purchases:

Mountain Goats - Get Lonely

Possibly my most anticipated release of the year. I'd be lying if I wasn't a tad disappointed. More than likely, it's just the post-masterpiece letdown. Or maybe I just don't get it quite yet. The Sunset Tree is one of my favorite albums. It's hard to follow that. However, maybe this album just makes sense as a follow-up. The Sunset Tree was the climax. Get Lonely is the resolution. The thing that really strikes me about this album is just how quiet it is. Compared to the anger and triumph and beauty of the Sunset Tree, Get Lonely just falls down a a hangover. Oh, wait, I get it! Maybe I shouldn't be comparing Get Lonely with the Sunset Tree. Give a few more spins, and I will love this album.

Feist - Open Season

I can usually care less about remix albums, but Feist has quickly become one of my favorite artists and I was really hungry for some new stuff. Thankfully, Open Season definitely fills that void. Better than most (or all) other remix compilations. I won't say anything is better than the originals, but the Postal Service remix of "Mushaboom" is really something to behold. Other standouts are Feist's duet with Jane Birkin on "The Simple Story" and the cover of Peaches' "Lovertits."

Now It's Overhead - Dark Light Daybreak

Oh, dear. I really shouldn't be reviewing this one right now. Dark Light Daybreak is really shoved to the backburner with everything else around it. There really isn't much special about it. It really sucks too because I love Now It's Overhead. However, every one of their releases seems a little less interesting than the last. I love their debut. Fall Back Open had some great moments ("Reverse" especially), but not as strong. Dark Light Daybreak really doesn't interest me at all. Again, this will require a few more spins.

Wow, I'm a little overwhelmed right now with good stuff. This Tuesday sees the release of the new Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Last Tuesday had new stuff from Magnolia Electric Co. and Viva Voce, neither of which I've bought yet.

Oh yeah, something else did get released Tuesday......but, it's so damn cool that it will require a separate post.