Thursday, September 14, 2006


Been on vacation since Monday, and return to work on Saturday. Today is recovery day. Ahrens, Coombs, and Rishi are all gone now and I'm exhausted. At least it was a blast. Lots of drinking and trouble-making all around. Oh and if you got a drunk call from any of us this week, I apologize.

Maybe the strangest thing that happened was Tuesday night. We were partying downtown. After the bars closed we came outside to find a cab and saw tons of police and tape blocking about anywhere we could go. Some dude was telling us that four people got shot, including a cop. I called the station and was told that it was a big fight that escalated into shooting and a photog was on the way.

We started gathering up witnesses for interviews, all while tanked mind you. We found two drunk girls and some guy that lived right next to the scene. Shows how scummy we were too because the two girls were all shaken up and we naturally started trying to hit on them. After the cops starting clearing out and the media was mostly gone, we really had to find a way to get home. First though we all had to find a bathroom. I asked one of the guys that saw the shooting and he took us up to his apartment and showed us his gun collection. Creepy. Down on the street, I payed a homeless guy a buck to find us a cab and we went home.

By the way, only one guy got shot in the stomach and the cop hurt his hand punching in a car window. I told them I'd give everybody the Richmond experience, and I think that sums this city up pretty well.

I need to keep recovering. I got up at 7am to get Josh off to the Greyhound station, and Rishi left shortly afterwards. I got a couple more hours of sleep and have been cleaning this place up all day. I've lived here for a little over a week and we trashed this place. I still haven't started balancing my checkbook. That where the real recovery is needed.