Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm in the middle of another music-buying frenzy. I've picked up some really good stuff this week. I ordered Sufjan Stevens' A Sun Came! to polish off my Sufjan collection. I also ordered up the whole catalog from Phosphorescent (just received The Weight of Flight today, the first I've received).

Tuesday I found a couple of great used CDs. I finally picked up the New Pornographers' Electric Version, something I'm very embarrassed that I hadn't bought yet. I also was thinking the night before that I would like to get into Great Lake Swimmers, then was very happy to find their Bodies and Minds used.

The real gem out of everything was Tuesday's best new release:

Loose Fur - Born Again in the USA

Fantastic stuff! I expected no less. Their first album was brilliant and this one is even better. It's definitely not like their first. It was an experiment in chaotic beauty, a noisy quiet album. This one is a little more straight-forward rock. "Hey Chicken" almost sounds like A.M.-era Wilco.....almost. Then followed by the almost Belle & Sebastian-esque "The Ruling Class".....almost. There is only one long noise orgy song in "Wreckroom," but it really wouldn't sound out of place on A Ghost is Born.

Damn, damn good stuff here. A little hard to compare to their first disc, so I can't really say which one is better. I still wouldn't put Loose Fur on the same level as Wilco, but it is more than enough to keep me satisfied between Wilco albums. Way more than enough.