Friday, March 17, 2006


Man, I was so into this tournament. The two schools I went to (Kent State and UW-Milwaukee) were in. Plus my favorite school (Iowa) won the Big Ten. Things were looking so great.

Yesterday couldn't get much better. My bracket was just impeccable. UW-Milwaukee won (yeah, I picked it). Things were perfect.....

.....then today happened.

My bracket has been devastated. Kent State lost (um, I actually didn't pick them). The worst though was seeing Iowa lose. That was just agonizing. I didn't get to see any of the game. Then with ten seconds left, the station flipped over to the game. All I got to see was my team lose, then it flipped right back. Gee, thanks. And I work at this place?

Almost immediately after the game my phone started ringing. I was expecting it to be someone to rub it in. I was still in shock, so I was tempted not to answer. I did, however. It was my parents. They were flying into College Station, Texas, and wanted to know how the Hawkeyes were doing.

That sucks.