Thursday, March 16, 2006

Broken News

I've never really hidden my displeasure in ESPN. Usually it involves that whole "East Coast bias" thing. I've tamed on that a bit though now that I actually live on the East Coast.

The thing that really bugs me is on ESPNews. Everything seems to be "breaking news" on there. I mean, EVERYTHING is breaking news. Not that they go into any kind of special news coverage, they just flash breaking news on the bottom of the screen. Plus they'll do that for the same story for twelve hours or so.

I saw a nice little example of this tonight:

Hmm, okay? Does anybody really notice this stuff anymore or are we all desensitized. Maybe they just expect any dumbass to come wandering into their network, see something shiny and stay around.

I ought to start doing breaking news here on the Suitcase.

Breaking News
-b enjoyed tonight's "My Name is Earl"