Saturday, March 11, 2006

SuSh 03.11.06

I feel like a million damn dollars tonight. Maybe it's two consecutive days of 80+ degree weather. Maybe it's that Kent State won the MAC tonight, Iowa's in the Big Ten championship, and UW-Milwaukee won the Horizon earlier this week. Thursday I really started feeling horrible. A couple of people from work have sinus infections, and that's exactly what this felt like. However, I feel great now. I can handle a two day sinus infection, compared to every other ones I've had. Now's a good time for a good shuffle:

Current track count: 4615

Opener: Eels - "Theme From Blinking Lights" (Blinking Lights and Other Revelations)

1. Guided By Voices - "Optical Hopscotch" (Do the Collapse)

2. Weezer - "Devotion" (El Scorcho CD-single)

3. Desaparecidos - "What's New for Fall" (What's New for Fall CD-single)

4. Whiskeytown - "If He Can't Have You" (Faithless Street)

5. Golden Smog - "Easy to Be Hard" (On Golden Smog)

6. Lambchop - "There's Still Time" (No, You C'mon)

7. Man or Astro-man? - "Structo (Mr. Microphone Mixup)" (Made From Technetium)

8. Yo La Tengo - "Saturday" (And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out)

9. Elvis Costello - "Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)" (When I Was Cruel)

10. Son Volt - "Bandages & Scars" (Omekah and the Melody of Riot)

Holy shit that's a great mix!! Seriously, burn one for yourself. Every song transitioned perfectly. The Eels opener is perfect...well, because it's an opener. "Bandages & Scars" is a great moody closer. Good stuff from Whiskeytown and Golden Smog I hadn't listened to in forever. Even having a random Man or Astro-man? song in the middle of that fit perfectly. Dead serious, that's a great mix. Well done, Mr. mp3.

Grade: A-