Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I went on a CD shopping frenzy the last two days (with a long night of drinks sandwiched in last night). There's some great stuff here, so let's run things down, shall we?

Cat Power - The Greatest

Cat Power really does kick ass.....but I guess she does it quietly. I'll need to listen to this a little more to really gauge it, but I know that's I bought something great.

Sigur Ros - ( )

Never actually gotten around to getting any Sigur Ros until I saw this disc used yesterday. Always wanted to, but never actually went through. I think this album is a test of patience. Come on, it's over an hour long with only eight untitled songs sung in a nonsense language. All-in-all it's a spectacular album. Not really something to listen to on the way to work, though.

Flaming Lips - 20 Years of Weird

I'm on such a Flaming Lips kick right now, getting geared up for their new release (only a month away!). This disc was released today, although it's kind of the offical release of a bootleg the band gave out at SXSW. It's basically a soundtrack to their documentary, mostly live stuff. I was really fighting hard not to buy this because I figured it'd just be collection filler. However, I'm really glad I did because it's incredible. There's this one song from the movie that I've always wanted ("Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear") and I'm very happy that it is on this disc. Plus finally getting to hear the full version of "Sleeping on the Roof" from the parking lot experiments is well-worth the price.

Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D.

First single from At War With the Mystics. Just the song with two unreleased songs. Nothing overly exciting, but only $3.

Smog - Sewn to the Sky

Smog's debut, found it used. Just an awful mess of an album, but looks damn good in my growing Smog collection. Think Jandek meets Guided By Voices meets me putting the dishes away, then you get the idea.

Smog - Burning Kingdom

Also found this one used. Just an EP, but good nonetheless. Still not his best, but again, it looks great in my collection.