Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've been wanting to play with the shuffle function on my mp3 player for a while now. I've got a pretty sizable library on it, but I'm always set on listening to an album at a time. I was curious to see if my player could make it's own playlist that was worth listening. Plus if I do this every week, it'll give me an excuse to blog. Ten songs (unless I get a short transition track, like tonight) and a grade. Fun experiment. For tonight:

Current track count: 4650

1. Wilco - "Cars Can't Escape" (unreleased track)

2. Belle & Sebastian - "We Are the Sleepyheads" (The Life Pursuit)

3. Flaming Lips - "Placebo Headwound" (Clouds Taste Metallic)

4. Iron & Wine - "Weary Memory" (The Creek Drank the Cradle)

5. Minus 5 - "The Family Gardener" (Down With Wilco)

6. Eels - "Last Stop: This Town" (Electro-Shock Blues)

7. Wilco - "Kingpin" (Being There)

8. White Stripes - "Cannon" (s/t)

9. Uncle Tupelo - "Life Worth Livin'" (No Depression)

TRANSITION TRACK: Modest Mouse - "Dig Your Grave" (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)

10. Superchunk - "June Showers" (Come Pick Me Up)

I know I have a lot of Wilco on my player, but for me to get three Tweedy songs is a little overkill. At least the Tupelo track is Jay singing. The Lips track seems out of place, but if fits very well where it is. Every track transitions very well. However, "June Showers" is not a good closing song. It's a climax, not a closer.

Grade: C+