Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

I finally get a day off tomorrow and Tuesday!! First time in two weeks and I'm so excited, but now I have a slight dilemma....what the hell am I going to do?? I figure I need to get out and see this city, you know, celebrate or something.

I still haven't seen too much of Richmond. I mean, I've been all over the city, but haven't really seen it. My hours don't really allow it. Well actually they do, but I'm usually too tired to do anything. For instance, this has been my schedule for the last two weeks:

3:00am: hit snooze
3:30am: get up
4:00am: get into work
5:00am: direct shows
9:00am: finish directing
9:15am: mock shows with new anchor
10:00am: web work for marketing (my new duty)
10:30am: graphics for noon show
12:00pm: run Chyron for noon show
1:15pm: arrive home
1:30pm: pass out on couch to Love Connection reruns
6:00pm: wake up, eat dinner, watch tv
9:30pm: shower
10:00pm: sleep

Pretty lethargic, I know. That's why I need to celebrate this "weekend."

I also need to get out of this neighborhood for a while. My little housing community is not too bad, but just outside can get a little dicey. For example, yesterday I was lounging around on the couch when really loud gunshots rang the middle of the freaking day, no less. Now you really know when you're in a dicey neighborhood when you hear the neighbors come out five minutes later and can pinpoint exactly what kind of gun it was (they determined it was an AK). Jeez. You know, I go to work when all the nasty stuff is going on around town too.

Sunday's are great though because the show goes on an hour later than weekdays so I can afford to sleep in a little. Plus there's nothing going on after the show so I can usually just go home and catch a nap before football starts. Today worked out a little too well because my phone woke me up this morning. I though, "Well that's strange. Who would be calling me at 3:30am...oh shit it's 5:00am!!" Sure enough it was the producer wondering where I was. At least I got in with enough time to get my prepro work done and still get a pre-show smoke in. Sundays are the perfect day to end the week on because the show is so easy and laid-back.

Side thought: Did MLB decide to have the worst umps ever for this postseason?? Jim Edmonds just got tossed. I'm pissed.

Anyhoooo.....Monday is typically my day to hit O'Tooles for dinner. It's this nice little pub down the street where I get a couple of beers, a pastrami and swiss, watch some baseball/football, and argue with the drunk oldtimers at the bar about sports. Tomorrow I think I'm being treated to a sushi night from my neighbor, Max. Before he left for DC for the Million More this weekend, he decided to take me to Sticky Rice for a night of sushi and beer. Max is such a cool guy. He's a celebrity agent/booker/somethingoranother that lives upstairs. He wanders down to my place every now and again for some chess. He's always hearing about my work and is determined to show me a good time. That'll be fun.

I know on Tuesday I will be heading to Plan 9 to pick up the new Silver Jews. Plus there's this Jim O'Rourke EP that I always see used and haven't ever bothered to pick up.

I kinda want to go clothes shopping. There's a mall nearby I want to check out. Plus there's Short Pump that everybody always talks about, and I've never seen. I did buy one t-shirt since I've been here. However, I didn't go out here and town and buy it. I got it online from Largehearted Boy. Since I've hardly done anything fun since coming here, I haven't spent hardly any money. I've got a sweet checking account right now, and lord knows I can't have that. Plus Tuesday is payday, so maybe I'll empty it out before then.

Okay the Cards just blew a 9th full of opportunities to end the game. I'm really pissed. I hate baseball.

I don't really know why I just wrote all that. Oh, hey, I really like the new Franz Ferdinand!!