Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stream of Consciousness Big Star Review

Man, I hope this is good. I got into Big Star while in high school. This was even a few years after their Columbia, Missouri reunion. This is the first new anything I've heard from this band, ever. Uncharted waters, here I come...

Trashy guitars, thumping bass lick, very good. Wow, Chilton is sounding more like Elvis Costello nowadays. Of course, there's a sax solo....that's no surprise. The harmonies definitely make this song.

Lady Sweet
Did I get a Superdrag album by mistake? I had to check on something and my hunch was correct: this album was recorded in Memphis. Don't ask me how I knew.

Best Chance
Remember when Jody Stephens recorded with Golden Smog? It sounds like he picked up a few things from Gary Louris. Very bright and sunny Jayhawks/CSNY-esque. Boy the harmonies are really making this album. I shouldn't be surprised.

Turn My Back on the Sun
I read about this song in Pitchfork's review. They were totally on. It sounds so ridiculously Pet Sounds. Starts off just like Wouldn't it Be Nice. I mean almost exactly. I'm guessing that's a joke. Well played!!

Love Revolution
Now I'm thinking I picked up a Spoon/KC & the Sunshine Band split disc. I'm so confused!! I've got Elvis Costello, Superdrag, Jayhawks, CSNY, the Beach Boys, Spoon, and KC & the Sunshine Band so far. I'm only five songs in! This is a weird song, but it's really hard not to like.

February's Quiet
Awww, a very sweet song. Chilton is writing like Chris Bell did with Thirteen.

Mine Exclusively
Very Motown. I can definitely dig this jam!! Of course, it's a cover.

A Whole New Thing
Power pop, like nuts. This song would not sound out of place on a Jan & Dean flip side. Chilton sounds a little bored, though.

Aria, Largo
Um, I don't know how in the world to describe this one. It sounds like a band of ten-year-olds warming up. Strange.

Hung Up With Summer
Okay, things are getting a little boring.

Do You Wanna Make It
I had to check the liner notes to make sure this isn't a Bread cover before the song started. Nope. Once the song started, I definitely didn't need to check. Another crazy Motown jam.

You know, songs that start where the singer enters it with no idea what the lyrics are and makes them up as he goes alone rarely work. It doesn't work here, either.

All-in-all a very nice album. Unfortunatly, it really starts to trail off halfway through. It's not great, but I wasn't expecting anything like their previous material. The good thing is that it does nothing to tarnish the name "Big Star."


I still have the new Ryan Adams to go, but I need a break.