Sunday, October 02, 2005

Much Better, Sir

Okay I just finished listening to the new Ryan Adams, only five days after I said I would. Rough week, you know. I had nothing on today but another suffering Redskins game (actually this one was descent, but man that team is boring).

Have you heard it yet? If not, I'll tell you I am very impressed. Ryan Adams has done nothing but disappoint me since Gold, but I am not disappointed at all by Jacksonville City Nights.

This is the most blatently country thing he's ever done, even more than Whiskeytown. I've always respected Ryan Adams' ability to bounce back and forth through different genres. However, if it's something new, then it's usually mediocre. Jacksonville City Nights is his least daring album in years, and that's why it works. It is very focused and balanced. Plus Ryan uses his voice brilliantly. Some of these songs are the most emotional I've ever heard from him. Beyond everything, though, this is an easy release to keep my attention. It's not like the painfully boring Cold Roses. The highlights are "The End" and "Trains."

Now realize, Jacksonville City Nights isn't even in the ballpark of Heartbreaker or Gold. I don't think we'll ever hear anything that good from Ryan Adams again, but Jacksonville City Nights is a great way to get back on track. Good job, Ryan!!


Next up on Tuesday is the new release from Broken Social Scene, and I am very excited. If you haven't ever checked them out, I highly highly suggest them. I guess Jimmy Eat World is also releasing a new EP. I'll pick it up if I'm in the mood, I guess.